BCTV | Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 7:01 pm

Panel Examines Art Issues on
NAP Connection
TV Show

Each month our television series NAP Connection: Issues and Procedures brings you a panel discussion about a key art topic. Our featured guest selects the topic and invites two other persons intimate with the subject to join the panel which is rounded out by our host and moderator James Carroll, Director of the NAP or host Ron Schira, art critic. Viewers are invited to join in the dialogue by phone during the live telecast. NAP Connection is produced at the Berks Community Television studio in Reading, PA, and is broadcast live on cable, the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7pm, watch for rebroadcasts.

New Arts Alive TV

A One-hour live television broadcasts hosted by James Carroll, spotlighting guest artists. The program, originating from Berks Community Television studio in Reading, PA, airs live on the fourth Wesnesday of every month at 6pm with repeat broadcasts during the month.

Each program gives viewers a chance to see the makers and doers in the visual, literary and performing arts present their ideas and creative process – What they do, how they think, how they work, and their studio life. During the live broadcast you have the opportunity to call in with comments or questions for the guest.

Participating providers include:

  • Comcast Reading, Hamburg channel 13
  • Service Electric Cablevision, channel 19
  • VCR Plus Changel 28
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York City, ch 34/82, alternate Sundays at 7:00am

Call your cable provider to request both NAP Connection and New Arts Alive if they don’t air them yet! 3/4 cassettes are available to cable providers for broadcast at no charge. DVDs of programs from either series may be viewed by appointment at the NAP Space or purchased for $10 ea.

Yo, Philadelphia-Tune in!

You can catch reruns of both NAP Connection and New Arts Alive. Drexel’s DUTV- 54, airs these probing programs every Tuesday, 10am. Channel 54 on:

  • Urban Cables Works
  • Comcast Cable

NAP television programs funded in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Berks Community Television, area businesses and individual contributions.