NAP CD Connection


NAP CD Connection is a work of art (actually 10 works of art) representing some of America’s most influential new music composers of the last decade. Our limited-edition CD arrived in March 1997 containing nearly 70 minutes worth of instrumental and vocal works, with first-time ever releases, like Meredith Monk’s rare jem, Duet for Voice & Echoplex, performed at Expo ’67. The sound is beautifully mastered by Peter Van Riper and each performance was personally selected by its composer especially for this CD.

CD Connection, affectionately referred to as “N.A.P. The Early Years,” features ten musician/ composers who were among the first 100 artists painters, sculptors, choreographers, composers and critics to have participated in consultation residencies during New Arts’ first seven seasons, 1974 through 1982. Philip Glass and Steve Reich joined us during our very first season… the rest is history.

Send a total of $22 per CD to:
 New Arts Program CD
 Box 082
 Kutztown, PA 19530-0082

The ten composers contributing to this disc are:

  • Philip Glass
  • Robert Ashley
  • Malcolm Goldstein
  • Steve Reich
  • Jon Gibson
  • Peter Van Riper
  • Joan La Barbara
  • Meredith Monk
  • Glenn Branca
  • Connie Beckley

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New Arts Print Editions


A Remarkable Visual Chronicle         

Limited Print Editions, Donated Works, Posters, Live on Paper; book forms.

New Arts houses many contributed works that are intended for sale. Prominent among these are NAP Print Editions, which currently consists of fifty-six limited-edition prints by leading contemporary visual and performing artists. The prints were created during each artist’s residency at the New Arts Program. The small print runs, which include monoprints and monotypes, usually numbered 2 to 25 per signed edition.

The prints in the collection exhibit diverse approaches to the printmaking form by composers, architects, choreographers, sculptors, painters, critics and graphic artists. Back in 1979, David Shapiro while in residency suggested making a print edition and using the proceeds from its sale to help fund the Program. His etching was the first of the New Arts prints. In making a print edition each artist is able to explore methods and materials outside their usual discipline. An apprentice printmaker was available to help and collaborate with each visiting artist. All the prints are remarkable for their ingenuity and idiosyncratic use of the medium. Many were individually handpainted or otherwise altered by the artist.

Private collector, corporate, gallery, and museum inquiries are welcome.

NAP POSTERS The Program currently offers three attractively priced posters. In October 1989 Keith Haring created an image to benefit the New Arts Program that is available as a silk-screened poster and as a silk-screened print edition (see list above). Also still available, signed and unsigned, a few of Haring’s popular 1984 “Kutztown Connection” posters with the NYC skyline and hex design. Another artist associated with the NAP for a long time, Bob Stanley, created a NAP poster in 1986four-color lithography, available signed or unsigned.

NAP membership entitles you to special pricing on all posters and prints. Inquire by phone or write.


Prints are available for purchase by the following artists: (contact the NAP fordate and number of editions, process used, size and price)

  • Lucio Pozzi
  • Peter Eisenman, Arch.
  • Peter Van Riper 2 editions
  • Ursula Von Rydingsvard, sculptor
  • David Moss, musician/composer
  • Bernard Tschumi, arch.
  • Bill T. Jones, dancer/choreographer, 2 editions
  • Malcolm Goldstein, muusician/composer, 2 editions (music score)
  • Denise Green, painter/author
  • Jon Gibson, artist/musician, 3 editions
  • Edgar Grana, musician/composer
  • Alvin Lucier, musician/composer
  • Marcia Hafif, painter, set of 12 prints of one edition
  • Steve Poleskie
  • Molissa Fenley, dancer/choreographer, set of 4 prints of one edition
  • Valery Taylor, painter
  • Michael Morin, painter
  • Steven Paul Miller, poet
  • Maryann Unger, sculptor
  • Frank Lima, poet
  • Connie Beckley, musician/composer/sculptor
  • Roberta Allen, artist/author
  • Robert Ashley, musician/composer
  • Johanna Boyce, dancer/choreographer
  • Ping Chong, performance artist
  • Efrain de Jesus, painter
  • Ellen Fisher, performance
  • Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, painter/critic
  • Peter Gordon, musician/composer
  • Joseph Masheck, writer
  • David Shapiro, poet
  • Irene Stein, sculptor/painter
  • Barbara Strawser, painter, 2 editions
  • Valentine Tatransky
  • Julius Tobias, sculptor, 4 editions
  • Keith Haring, artist

Incomplete editions:

  • Simone Forti, dancer/choreographer
  • Linda Francis, painter
  • Brook Larsen, painter
  • Ted Stamm, painter
  • Carolee Thea, sculptor/writer


  • Glenn Branca, musician/composer
  • Arnie Zane, dancer/choreographer/photographer
  • John Cage, musician/composer, set of 9 of one edition
  • Ralph Lemon, dancer/choeographer
  • Tullio DeSantis, writer
  • Steve Reich, musician/composer


  • Keith Haring, 2 editions, signed and unsigned
  • Robert Stanley, painter, one edition, signed and unsigned

Other Work:

  • Clytie Alexander, painting
  • Linda Francis, set of 8 prints
  • Max Gimblett, 3 painting
  • Denise Green, 3 drawings
  • Allen Jones, one print
  • Stephen Mueller, one painting

Books Published by NAP

The following books published by the NAP are available for purchase quantities are very limited. Total proceeds from the sale of New Arts Publications go to fund the Program. Call to reserve your copies.

Provides a portrait of the first seven years of the New Arts Program, 1974-1981. 427 pages with writing, drawings, music scores. Still $30.

The catalogue for an exhibition held in May of 1980, at the 112 Workshop in New York City, that presented works by (then) present and former Kutztown University students living or formerly living and working in New York City. $5.

A collection of 71 small drawings by James F. L. Carroll on 71 unbound 81/2 x 11 pages. $5.

Lehigh University, Nov.-Dec. 1988.
The catalogue contains an essay by James Carroll, “Ideas from Individual Impressions and Marks: Prints of Non-printmakers,” which comments on works created through the New Arts Print Editions program. $7.

A collaboration with Lehigh University was an exhibition of visual marks, or notations, made by the more than 50 choreographers who have participated in the New Arts Program performance and consultation residencies over the past 27 years.

The NAP Art Reference & Video Library

An Open Vault of Twentieth-century Aesthetics

We think everyone should get acquainted with the exceptional Art Reference & Video Library at the NAP. You do not have to be an NAP member to use our Library and most of its resources are available without charge.

At the heart of our Library is the video tape archive of artist presentations made at New Arts over the past 30 years and over 40,000 slides on contemporary artists, with an emphasis on the past 20 years a vast open vault of twentieth-century aesthetics. There is an equipped viewing area.

Our collection of exhibition catalogues has been growing like crazy. And there are books on every subject imaginable for the artist, like bookkeeping, copyrights, exhibiting, fellowships, foundations, grants, gallery management, health hazards, law, marketing, publishing, public art, and taxes.

Our Library includes these fine and hard to find magazines:
Art News, Art in America, Arts, Art Journal, Artforum, Flash Art, High Performance, Contempranea, Sculpture, Videomaker, PFORM, Video Times, Art Issues, Architecture Review, Architecture Art Calendar, The Washington International Arts Letter, Museum News, M/E/A/N/I/N/G, October, New Observation, Shutterbug, Art Week, and others.

Consulting and technical assistance on studio and arts management, alternative and coop spaces, mailings, housing and other services are available exclusively to NAP members.Contact the NAP at